Make Waves! Make Waves is pure! Pure and peaceful! Oceans have always inspired the artist. She says, “Oceans inspire me to dive inside (self-introspect), to feel the existence, to keep going, to know more and more. And most interestingly, oceans teach me to not worry about the end. Just make waves!” Waves are very uncertain, so is life. It is important to learn sailing & surfing, shying away from waves may not help to move forward but once you learn the art, there is no looking back. It would be just fun. The given artwork is something that she wanted to create from long time. It gave her immense satisfaction to have completed this artwork. Showcasing enormity and the depth of the ocean with beautiful waves and the sunset shine touching the upper edges of the waves, takes the viewer deep inside. There are only shades of blue and white in the painting which adds to its beauty as showcases as how maximum can be created out of minimum. It is the perfect artwork for a person who weighs intelligence in creativity. This painting is based on realism and expressionism, shaped using quality acrylic colours and different size of brushes.

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 50 cm

Acrylic on Canvas