Heavenly Hideaway! Beautiful plain blue sky and white fluffy clouds, Ocean underneath with white boats; everything in the view seem to be very peaceful and in sync with each other. Heavenly Hideaway is named and painted with the thought of being nature yourself, owning it.
The red colored houses, all in same colour, showcases the liveliness of being part of it and also emphasises on the fact of being united and uniform.
According to the artist, ‘Mankind needs to have responsible relationship with nature. This responsibility cannot be owned by a single individual but by entire community.’
Inspiring the dream of having such responsible, nature loving people; led to the completion of this artwork.
She named it as Heavenly Hideaway as it would not be any less than heaven if everyone around us starts to respect the creator and its creation. She is showcasing both nature and man-made structure together to inspire for a fine balance between the two.
This artwork is based on realism and expressionism, shaped using quality acrylic colours and different size of brushes.

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 60 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


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