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Artist Words

“I can’t miss meeting myself everyday, so I paint”
– Ankita Gupta

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About the Artist

Ankita Gupta

Indian National, Currently based in UAE

I am a self-taught artist, passionate about creativity and an ardent nature lover. My interest in painting pursued me all through, but I just didn’t realize, making a choice in favour of career, my own business and many other- so called priorities.


It was when I considered a work break (for maternity & child care), realized that it has been decades abandoning my creative impulse. Very soon, days were for my daughter and nights for my paintings! It was not easy, but certainly very satisfying.

Today, I devote a lot of time into my love of painting. My main medium is acrylic/ oil on canvas, but I also enjoy sketching through charcoal/ colored pencils.


Nature has been my painting inspiration- Sunrise, sunsets, changing sky, trees, people and everything else around us. In any of its performances or forms – it is just perfect! It helps me dive within. As I go closer, I know myself more.

For my paintings, I choose all types of subjects; contemporary, historical, mythological, or just the expression.

Painting helps me express my love for the creator and this blessed life. It brings freedom of thoughts, actions and hence is reflected in each of my brush stroke. I love to use vibrant and creative colors in my paintings and hence the style may be considered as a mix of realism and expressionism.

If I were to tell people what I have learnt in my life, it would be – to listen to your inner voice, always! No one can trust you more than you.

I am married to Nishant Mittal and we are happy parents of our daughter- Aadhya.

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